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With the recent incidents across Schools in India, I agree with each one of you who say that the...

by Neha | Sep 18, 2017

Best yoga school in India, Pranayama Teacher Training Course, Yoga Teacher Training Goa, Best...

by ashtak yoga | Aug 22, 2017

Please suggest me how I can contribute to periodicals?

by Ranjith | Sep 13, 2017

Is it possible to teach history in a way that it doubles up as peace studies?

by meena | Jun 14, 2017

English remains an obsession for the employers as well for the society. Parents still want...

by Parveen Kumar Sharma | May 18, 2017

Dear all,
I have built a social driven score tracking system,...

by KymAdmin | May 03, 2017


I have uploaded a video of my reflections on learning mathematics.

by G.R.Veena | Apr 07, 2017

Q. What are the drawbacks of CCE pattern/system and its implementation in schools?

by PREETI KERKETTA | Mar 29, 2017

I am pursuing D.EL.ED in regular mode. I am planning to take admission in bachelor degree (...

by MD ALI | Mar 23, 2017

Hi all, I'm Preethi, an English Teacher from Tamil Nadu. I have an idea for a channel in...

by Preethi | Mar 14, 2017

Hello I am the founder of Leap Quants http://www.leapquants....

by puneet Jindal | Mar 03, 2017

Just launch new website for Students. Students can register for free. We will share most of...

by Emina Kepic | Feb 26, 2017