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Dear Teachers
Greetings for the Year 2016! As we embark our journey in 2016, we are...

by Saurav Mahajan | Jan 12, 2016

In service courses conducted by the department are solving the purposes yes or no?

by Mrsdharamsutanavin navin | Jan 09, 2016

We see many of the fellow teachers have lost all interest in 'making a difference'....

by Parveen Kumar Sharma | Jan 05, 2016

Today mostly in convent schools,I'd seen students mugging up each and every single words without...

by Shivam Singh | Dec 27, 2015

Well! we are going to celebrate the Human Rights Day, as for as my opinion is concern The...

by SHIVARAJ PATIL | Dec 09, 2015

Presently I am a teacher of TLH-III and Geo-civic.so my student frequently asks many...

by SHIVARAJ PATIL | Dec 01, 2015

It is the time of REVIEW and RETROSPECT within the inner sense of teacher the they should aware...

by SHIVARAJ PATIL | Nov 29, 2015

Respected sir
It has been widely accepted that Teacher can only the imaginary Hero's of...

by SHIVARAJ PATIL | Nov 04, 2015

Respected sir

It has been learnt that Hindi has been treated as Rashtra Bhasha so let us...

by SHIVARAJ PATIL | Nov 04, 2015

Hello Everyone,
Hope all are doing well.I am currently doing some research (on education...

by sudhendu | Nov 04, 2015

Hi all,

It is a fact that most students don't like learning history and always find...

by Preeti | Nov 02, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I am a software engineer, working in an IT company in Bangalore. As we...

by Kishor Patil | Oct 20, 2015